Why Used CNC Woodworking Machines Are a Worthwhile

by:ChiKin     2020-04-11
Routers are an important tool for woodworking shops to have on their floor. A router cuts through hard materials including wood so that small shops and even large boat producing factories are able to shape these materials. Woodworkers also use routers to cut complex shapes and designs into wood. In the past, only the most skilled woodworking professionals were able to effectively and accurately produce such cuts, but technological improvements have recently made it easier for woodworking shops to perform these cuts. By inputting measurements into a CAD/CAS program, employees can design a cut on a graphic computer interface and then allow a computer numerically controlled (CNC) router to complete the cut. The CNC router works on the Cartesian coordinate system and uses the template that a woodworking professional designs online to cut the wooden piece to the needed specifications. Acquiring a CNC router makes a lot of sense for woodworking shops because it allows the shop to improve efficiency and overall capabilities, allowing it to take more orders. However, some shops cannot afford to purchase a new machine. Rather than making do with manually operated machines, these shops should instead consider used CNC woodworking machines. These machines can be acquired inexpensively, which is just one of the many benefits of buying these machines in pre-owned condition. Generally shop owners can expect to find used CNC woodworking machines at just half the cost of a new machine. The shop's bottom line benefits from a low purchase price, which also means that the shop owner could decide to invest his or her cost savings into the newly purchased machine. He or she could use the extra money to upgrade existing cutters to premium cutters or purchase a warranty so that less is spent on future maintenance. When the shop invests cost savings back into the purchased machine, they end up acquiring a machine that is just as good as a new one but at a lower price. Some shops that do not decide to purchase used CNC woodworking machines elect to stick with manually operated machines or even spend too much on new machines because they fear that older machines are not reliable. Typically the exact opposite is true. A new machine carries many uncertainties whereas used CNC woodworking machines have already been in use by the previous owner, so production flaws or deficiencies have already been identified. Even if the original owner did not notice a problem or noticed a problem but chose not to have it fixed, the vendor will have a team of trained engineers inspect a CNC router before it is put up for sale. These engineers will completely recondition the machine, so that buyers end up with a machine that is even more reliable than a new machine. If the buyer is still unsure about the machine's reliability, he or she can invest in a warranty. Trustworthy vendors will offer a warranty with any CNC router or other machine purchased because they will want to defend the quality of their reconditioning job. Buyers should be wary if the vendor does not offer a warranty.
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