Why Buy a CNC Router Instead of a Conventional Router?

by:ChiKin     2020-04-15
Since it entered the market in the 1970s, CNC woodworking equipment has helped woodworkers produce refined woodwork at a fast rate. From a revenue perspective, anyone would be glad to use computer-controlled equipment instead of conventional equipment. However, when seeing the price tag for the former, some people experience sticker shock. A quality, hobby grade CNC router typically costs around $4,000, but buying an industrial model could require a six-figure investment, even when it is purchased as used woodworking machinery for sale. Even so, the performance of a computer-controlled model can bridge the price differential by helping companies increase revenue and reduce operating costs. As the points below demonstrate, buying a computer-controlled router is more financially advantageous than buying a conventional one: Production Capacity Computer-controlled equipment produces more work in a given period than conventional equipment. Computer-controlled operation results in faster, more precise cuts, while the large size of an industrial CNC router's table makes it possible to produce multiple pieces in a matter of seconds. Most conventional routers produce pieces one by one. Cutting Capacity Computer-controlled routers cut along axes, which are the linear of circular motions of the blades in the cutter head. Each axis represents a plane on which the blades can cut. Therefore, a three-axis model cuts on three planes; a five-axis model cuts on five planes, and so forth. Because conventional routers do not have the technology to cut on multiple planes, they offer less cutting capacity. Quality of Reconditioned Equipment The thought of buying a pre-owned CNC router makes many people understandably nervous. Pre-owned, computer-controlled equipment is still not cheap, and secondhand hardware is known to be less reliable than new hardware. However, there is a difference between pre-owned hardware serviced before it is resold, and secondhand hardware reconditioned before it is resold. The former receives standard maintenance, while the latter has worn parts replaced, and receives a thorough cleaning. Not all used woodworking machinery for sale is reliable, but reconditioned equipment usually is. Reduced Payroll Because computer-controlled equipment is programmable, a single operator can program several workstations, and then monitor the production process. Conventional equipment, on the other hand, typically requires an operator at every workstation. When companies switch to a CNC production environment, they often have the option of reducing costly payroll. Reduced Waste Work With increased cutting accuracy comes reduced waste work. With conventional equipment, human error is an inevitable part of the production process, but when a computer controls the equipment, human error is all but eliminated. As long as the proper coordinates are entered into the computer, the production run will be error-free. Conclusion Conventional routers are useful for several types of work, but they are not useful for producing intricate pieces or for a high volume of any piece in a short period. When companies need a router that supports a high production capacity and offers great cutting capacity, a CNC router is the obvious choice. When they are purchased as used woodworking machinery for sale, industrial, computer-controlled routers are affordable on various budgets.
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