What about the supply capacity of NSK-HGP-Grease-Gun in ChiKin?
So far Shenzhen ChiKin Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd has been capable of offering NSK-HGP-Grease-Gun to all clients around the world. We make it possible to adjust the production based on the demand. We have stocks. This guarantees the supplies when the production is suspended for maintenance.

ChiKin is fully dedicated to the R&D and production of pcb brushing machine. Various in styles, ChiKin's pcb brushing machine can meet the needs of different customers. ChiKin pcb fabrication has undergone the electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) test including electromagnetic interference test and electromagnetic susceptibility test. The product has been improved to its resistance to the electromagnetic influence of electronic products and weather condition such as thunderstrike. The product is able to fit various PCB board dimensions and different sorts of mass production requirements. our company can accept logo printing on our NSK-HGP-Grease-Gun. The integrated cast iron worktable can suppress the deformation of PCBs to the minimal state.

We hope that the our company brand will precede in the mini drill chuck market. Call now!
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