The Founder

Founder introduction

Early, Mike Wu worked at HongKong Timax CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. He has contributed a lot to this company. For example, he suggested to adopt the measuring tools whose material is Jinan granite to improve the assembly accuracy, also he developed a lot of tools to improve production efficiency.

In 2003, he left Timax to come to Shenzhen, worked as a technician in Songlin NC Co., Ltd.. He was so appreciated by colleagues and bosses that he was promoted to the factory manager, which was mainly responsible for the daily production management. After that, the production of the company doubled year-on-year.


In 2006, he joined the self-employed service for the CNC equipment industry..


In 2012, Shenzhen ChiKin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founde. The company mainly produced pcb cnc machines, which have its own cnc control system so that the machine are more stable and easier control.


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