Signs You Need a CNC Router

by:ChiKin     2020-04-14
A router is one of the most essential types of woodworking equipment, but its usefulness depends on its style of operation: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) or manual control. The cutting mechanism of a CNC router is computer-controlled, whereas an operator controls the cutting mechanism of a conventional router. In some cases, companies use a conventional router when a computer-controlled machine should be used. This article indicates five signs that an old router should be replaced with a computer-controlled model. Need to increase production capacity The efficiency of computer-controlled equipment increases the production rate. Instead of producing one piece at a time, the equipment produces multiple pieces in a short period of time, especially when a large cutting table is filled with stock. One of the primary reasons companies upgrade to this type of equipment is to increase the production capacity. Computer-controlled equipment is more expensive than conventional equipment, but buying it from a seller of used woodworking machines will mitigate the cost difference. Must produce intricate pieces Another reason companies upgrade to computer-controlled equipment is to produce intricate pieces. Most CNC routers come with three or five axes, the latter of which produces more intricate cuts. The intricate designs that a CNC router produces are useful for cabinet making, door making, furniture making, and other disciplines. With the right cutting capacity, CNC routers produce multiple copies of intricate pieces in a matter of minutes. Need to reduce waste work Over the course of a year, waste work can add up to thousands of dollars in wasted materials and rework. Computer-controlled equipment reduces human error, and the volume of waste work a company produces. If waste work is taking a chunk out of the annual budget for materials, buying equipment from a seller of used woodworking machines will help stop the waste. Must reduce payroll Buying CNC equipment does not reduce payroll instantaneously, but it may allow requiring fewer equipment operators over time. That is because a single operator can monitor two or more workstations simultaneously. Conversely, most types of conventional equipment require an operator to be present at each station. Need more versatility A conventional router has poor versatility compared to CNC router, especially in terms of production time. Depending on the table size and number of axes, CNC routers can produce large, basic pieces such as stair risers and small, intricate pieces such as ornamental cut outs for furniture with equal ease. In some cases, the versatility offered by computer-controlled equipment allows companies to own fewer pieces of equipment, and economize on floor space. Conclusion Computer-controlled equipment offers several benefits that conventional equipment does not, particularly: faster production, the ability to produce intricate pieces, reduced waste work, exceptional versatility, and the potential to reduce payroll by allowing companies to staff fewer equipment operators. Many companies buy a router from a seller of used woodworking machines to save money.
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