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Product parameters
1 Machine dimension 3400X1850X1920mm (Solution design size)
2 Working direction Left in, right out
3 Operation interface Chinese / English operation interface
4 Working height 1000mm
5 Equipment drawing Provide CAD drawing (including maintenance space)
6 Production plate size (Aluminum base plate) Max: 700*620mm; Minimum: 300*300mm
7 Production plate weight ≤3kg/PNL
8 Production plate thickness 0.1-3.2mm
9 Equipment efficiency ≤1hole/s  drilling hole time
(No calculation of loading and unloading time)
10 Drilling offset accuracy ±0.025mm
11 Drill hole size tolerance ±0.025mm
12 Repeat drilling accuracy ±0.025mm
13 Drill target diameter 1.0-5.0mm
14 Identification method CCD single and double ring identification (round or hole)
15 Target pattern Single and double rings (circle or hole)
16 Target type Set up more than one at the same time
17 Drill target information Reading engineering data (Excellon format)
18 Processing parameters Automatic call (up-drilling speed, height, spindle speed)
19 Automatic loading and unloading Loading and unloading for independent clapboard
loading and unloading mechanism
20 Automatic tool change reminder function Early alarm before life time, timely tool change at life time
21 Tool change function Pneumatic tool change
22 CCD acquisition range Comprehensive collection range 15*15mm or more
23 Real-time deviation monitoring Support
24 Spindle power 1.8KW
25 Spindle speed 60,000 rpm
26 Spindle collet torque (¢3.175) ≥250
27 Number of drilling target spindles 1
28 Environmental requirements Common workshop environment
29 Electricity requirement 220V,50/60HZ,3KVA
30 Air pressure requirement, amount of air pressure 0.8MPa,1000L/min
31 Machine specification and size According to CAD drawing
32 Dust collection requirements 10 m3/hour, pipe diameter 50
33 Weight ≈2T

In order to meet the needs of intelligent production, Shenzhen ChiKin has developed an intelligent and fully automatic guide hole drilling machine to meet the production of hard board substrates, and the drilling time is ≤ 1 hole/s, thereby reducing staff and increasing efficiency and improving quality.


This automatic guide hole drilling machine CK-T7062 is a new automatic loading and unloading CNC machine. It adopts the drilling form of bottom-up, one-by-one identification of the drilling needle. It has the features of advanced design, compact structure, stable performance, beautiful shape, high precision, fast speed, low vibration, strong rigidity, easy maintenance and labor saving.


Functions: automatic loading and unloading, automatic identification, independent processing, anti-scratch device, software design with drilling optimization path, automatic obstacle avoidance, anti-leakage drilling, bad plates can choose a number of processing methods and many other practical functions.


Main application and scope of application: This machine is suitable for PCB multilayer core board, FR4 single-sided circuit board, copper, aluminum and other metal substrate positioning hole drilling processing.