One-stop PCB Machine Services

We Offer CNC Drilling Machine for PCB — build your workshop with one-stop design solution.

In the management of raw material procurement and purchased parts procurement, we have always maintained cooperation with large domestic enterprises to ensure that the purchased raw materials are qualified and high-quality. Strictly manage the production process, follow the ISO quality management system, and complete the processing tasks in time.

3.Equipment Installation
We provide set-up service to have you use your machine at the best condition earlier for your satisfaction.

4.Instruction & Training for Machine Operation and Maintenance
■ We provide customer technical support; operation instruction, maintenance training and so on.

■ We instruct machine processing technology and provide our know-how to improve your products in respect of quality and productivity.

5.Before-sales Services
Customers can get connection with us via online consultation, telephone consultation, mail consultation and other methods of communication, informing us of the needed equipment, service and questions. Our salesmen and technical engineers will recommend equipments, introduce the function of the equipment, plan the type of the equipment, inform of the price of the equipment and other series of service by knowing the customer’s physical property, craftwork request and investment cost.

6.In-sale service
All product series passed CE certification According to the content of the negotiation, the industrial product contract is signed, the production plan is formulated, the in-sale service procedure is started, and after the content of the contract is approved, the product is handed over to the factory for production.

7.After-sales service
The after-sales engineer will analyze and propose solutions according to the customer's text description and the pictures provided. At the same time, for new customers, when they encounter problems with the disassembly and installation of the machine during use, our company's engineers will be based on the factory's machine inventory. video communication.