MultiCam CNC Router

by:ChiKin     2020-04-04
MultiCam is one of the industry leading manufacturers of a variety of different CNC machines. Their innovative technology has allowed them to be one of the best, all over the world, while still being able to keep competitive pricing. The high quality, superb performing machines that they offer is why they have installed thousands of these machines worldwide. One of the best features of their machines is the fact that they have open architecture systems which will allow these machines to work perfectly with almost all standard CAD, CAM, and nested based software. These machines will work with your programs without making a lot of adjustments and changes in your already existing business platform and operations. The MultiCam CNC router is one of the best performing machines that they have to offer. This router offers a variety of features that makes its operation seem like a breeze. You will definitely be pleased with one of these machines. Some of the features include: o Full range of different table sizes o Vacuum tables/pumps o A large variety of spindle options o Automatic tool change spindles o Gang drills which allow in line boring o Horizontal machining o Coolant mist systems o Vision systems o Tangential knife cutters (ultrasonic, drag and oscillating) o High speed/acceleration cutting Just imagine all of the possibilities that this machine can offer you. Now, you can understand why they are one of the industry leaders in CNC cutting machines. The MultiCam 1000 series is an entry level router which incorporates some of the above mentioned features. This piece is a heavy duty piece and has a hard, firm frame base that is made of steel. For no additional cost you can get, automatic tool calibration, Ethernet, and an easy to use hand held interface. This machine offers high strength and rigidity. The MultiCam 3000 series is one of the top choices for small to mid size manufacturing companies who demand that their machines be affordable and powerful. This series offers a broad range of spindles up to 11 HP. These machines are steel powerhouses that are still within the intermediate budget range. And, once again, this series also comes with automatic tool calibration, Ethernet and an easy to use handheld interface for no extra cost. The MultiCam 5000 series is a large format MultiCam CNC router. Custom sizes are available upon request; however, the standard sizes for this series is widths up to 120' and lengths up to 600'. This well built, steel framed machine is designed to handle multiple spindles with up to 20 HP, not to mention the other options. Above the mentioned series is the MultiCam 7000 series, the Multicam MT series and of course the custom built MultiCam CNC routers. The MultiCam 7000 series is definitely a rigid, high performance machine. The Multicam MT series is the best choice for demanding applications because of how you can control and how the different axes are designed. If you have any other questions about MultiCam CNC routers, visit their website, take a look around, and just simply be amazed.
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