Is there instruction manual for SMT PCBA routing machine?
We design a useful instruction manual for SMT PCBA routing machine to facilitate the installation process. There will be both a detailed description and vivid pictures printed on each page of the manual. If there is any demand for an electric version of the instruction manual, we will send them to the customer through email. The content is the same as the paper version, and it is also offered for free. For customers from overseas countries, we will recommend them to use the instruction manual in an electric version.
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Shenzhen ChiKin Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd has always topped and will continue topping the pcb board material market. ChiKin is mainly engaged in the business of IC Programmer machine and other product series. The appearance design of ChiKin pcb board material is carried out by our designers who have the ultimate pursuit of performance and aesthetics to enable the product meets the market demands. With an operation interface, the product is easy to manage its processing speed. Being able to emit natural light which is similar to the sunlight, the product offers users a soft and comfortable lighting environment. The product can be programmed to perform various actions.

We adequately identify and assess the environmental and social impacts and manage them through a systematic approach by reducing waste and pollution and sustainably use natural resources. Contact us!

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