Is It a Good Idea to Purchase a Used CNC Router for Sale?

by:ChiKin     2020-04-08
Recent technological improvements and the integration of computer controls have made modern woodworking machinery far more sophisticated than ever before. Customers have responded by requesting designs that are more intricate and are seeking cuts that are more precise. Luckily, this technology has been available for several years, so individuals can acquire used CNC woodworking machines with these capabilities without breaking the bank. One machine in particular that shops and factories have targeted is a computer numerically controlled (CNC) router. CNC machines perform cuts using a computer to ensure that cuts are precise. The customer will typically design a desired wood panel piece or cut in a CAD-based computer design program by specifying desired measurements and adding additional features. The machine then uses a Cartesian coordinate system to make desired cuts while offering 3-D motion control to the equipment operator. This machine drastically reduces the risk of human error to deliver necessary results on the first try, saving the woodworking shop time and money. Despite how valuable this equipment is to shops of all sizes, individuals can obtain routers inexpensively, with the price of a new machine determined by the brand or manufacturer. Companies can cut costs even further by purchasing a machine pre-owned from a vendor with a used CNC router for sale. Some woodworking shops might not see a need for a router even if the shop owner has access to a used CNC router for sale. This article will explain why this equipment is necessary and how they help woodworking shops. CNC routers are mostly used for shaping wooden panels or to create smaller wooden pieces from panels. A wooden panel is a flat stretch of wood made from a solid wood sheet, composite wood, plastic, or non-ferrous materials. Two processes exist one might use to cut wood panels with a CNC router: routing and nesting. Routing is most common given that this is the name of the machine. When these CNC woodworking machines are used for routing, a vacuum or clamps are used to hold wooden panels on the machining table. Depending on size and production needs, one will have the option of purchasing a machine with one or two tables and with 1-4 router heads working 2-5 axes. Regardless of which features a shop requires, it will still be able to find a used CNC router for sale that meets its needs. Nesting is the other method that woodworking shops use to cut wooden panels. Smaller shops are more likely to use this method since it can be completed without the use of a panel saw. These size shops actually benefit from not having a panel saw on the floor because small, custom orders can be completed without the use of a table saw. The best way for smaller shops to guarantee a good yield without spending too much money is to acquire equipment during a liquidation sale. Shops that are in the market for CNC woodworking machines should consider looking for a supplier that offers refurbished machines, with the best choice being a supplier that refurbishes its own merchandise.
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