How many employees in ChiKin?
Shenzhen ChiKin Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd employs an abundance of techniques to make high-quality products. Our company takes advantage of the potential of our high-tech workers to continuously enhance V-CUT machine . The precision direction by the enterprise leaders as well as the efforts of all workers make ChiKin.

ChiKin is globally known as a reliable supplier of pcb assembly. Various in styles, ChiKin's cnc pcb can meet the needs of different customers. The LED used in we collet holder is an essential element, which is used as substitutes for mercury incandescent bulbs. It gives strong light with full brightness. Its main components are made from highly stable cast iron, enhancing its processing precision and stability. The accumulation of praises also contribute to the high-quality service of our team staff. The bed is not prone to displacement, which allows for enhanced precision processing capability.

our company will adhere into the firm belief of being a global aoi machine exporter.
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