CNC Router Usage Is Dictating Production Trends

by:ChiKin     2020-04-10
Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery continues to have a major impact on the way that today's woodworking professionals approach woodworking jobs. New and used CNC woodworking machines use CAD-based design programs to design a necessary piece or cut using precise measurements. As these machines have become more widely used, prices have come down and woodworking shops of all sizes are considering their benefits. The biggest benefits offered by these machines are precision without the possibility of errors and speed, as cuts are completed faster and more precisely than their hand cut counterparts. One particular machine that is become more common in woodworking shops and factories is a CNC router, which is a machine that cuts wood based on measurements input into the design program. Now that even the smallest shops are able to afford used CNC woodworking machines, some interesting trends have been noticed in the world of woodworking production. These trends include: Smaller Production Runs Used CNC woodworking machinesare so easy to use that they have actually changed the way that businesses approach production runs. ACNC router is simple to set-up and even simpler to operate, meaning that small and irregular batches can still be completed in a timely manner. Additionally, the design programs that businesses use to design a blueprint for a CNC router end up producing consistently identical results. In other words, smaller production runs are indicative of the increasing technological capabilities rather than a reflection of the state of the economy. Shorter Turn-Around Times Since used CNC woodworking machines are so easy to set-up and work more quickly than machines operated by hand, more woodworking shops are operating on a just-in-time basis. Today a CNC router not only completes woodworking processes in a shorter timeframe but also use less materials. Used CNC Woodworking Machinescan do More Smaller shops can have a large variety of orders and it is not cost efficient for them to own specialized machines for each job. Today a woodworking shop can acquire a single machine with on-board tools that can route, sand, shape, drill, and groove wood. These all-in-one alternatives allow shops to save money by consolidating machinery. Greater Emphasis on Floor Space Outputs have always been limited by the size of a woodworker's shop, but today woodworking professionals have recognized that used CNC woodworking machines are now more versatile. In the past, a shop would have needed to acquire six different specialized machines to complete jobs related to a specific order, but now it is possible to obtain a single machine that completes all six jobs. Shops are therefore thinking more strategically about floor space, opting to purchase a fleet of multi-functional machines instead of a set of specialized used CNC woodworking machines. These are just four of the trends that have been observed by woodworking professionals. When purchasing a CNC router for a shop or factory, keep these four trends in mind so that a new purchase does not have to be replaced in the next few years.
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