CNC Router Machines: Frequently Asked Questions

by:ChiKin     2020-04-11
Computer numerical control (CNC) machinery was invented in the early 1970s. Since that time, it has redefined the way woodworkers use a router, a milling machine and other types of equipment. Machines that feature CNC technology offer several benefits over standard woodworking machines: Greater cutting accuracy Improved production rate Reduction of human error If you are considering buying a CNC router, but need some answers before you do, the answers below can help: When should standard routers be replaced with CNC routers? The need to replace standard routers with CNC routers could be demonstrated by several things, particularly: The inability of standard routers to meet increased production demand The need to produce intricate woodwork The need to increase cost savings by reducing waste pieces In addition to cutting more accurately than standard routers, computer controlled routers also cut with greater speed. For woodworkers who have a high production rate, the speed of a computer-controlled router can be as valuable as its accuracy. How expensive is the average CNC router? The cost of a CNC router depends on two factors: machine grade (e.g. hobby grade, mid grade, or industrial grade) and machine design (e.g. table size, number of cutter heads, type of vacuum, etc.). With these things in mind, the average cost of a hobby grade router is usually under $5,000; the average cost of a mid grade router is usually under $15,000; and the average cost of a well equipped industrial grade router is usually over $20,000. Because the price of CNC routers can vary widely based on the factors above, the best way to receive a reliable estimate is to consult a professional seller of woodworking machinery. Is it sensible to buy a router used? Because industrial grade CNC routers are expensive and have a long lifespan, many woodworkers consider buying them used. As with buying any used machine, the quality of the purchase depends on the integrity of the seller. When the right steps are taken to confirm the integrity of the seller and the condition of the machine, buying an industrial router used is a sensible choice. What type of training is necessary to operate a CNC router? To operate a CNC machine, a woodworker must train to use the software program that controls it. The training regimen for most router machines consists of a mixture of computer based training and first person training. Most trainees can learn to operate the machine within weeks, and master its operation within months. In comparison, mastering the use of a manual router can take years. Conclusion Since their invention in the early 1970s, CNC router machines have changed the performance of wood routing. Today, they are the optimal choice for woodworkers who experience a high production demand, must produce intricate pieces, and/or need to cut costs by reducing waste pieces. To learn more about buying a new or used CNC machine, consult with a seller of new and used woodworking machinery.
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