CNC Router for Sale: Steps to Take Before Buying

by:ChiKin     2020-04-12
Buying a CNC machine is most the important machinery purchase most woodworkers make; it is also one of the most expensive purchases they make. Costing anywhere from $4,000 to $1 million, such a machine is a serious investment, both in price and in the improvement it can make to your bottom line. Purchasing a router is an investment that should be approached carefully, particularly when the machine is pre-owned. If you are looking for a pre-owned CNC router for sale, or other types of used woodworking equipment for sale, taking the steps below will help you make the right purchase: Evaluate Your Production Needs The price of a CNC machine, and its usefulness to your woodworking operation, depends largely on its production capacity. Some owners make the mistake of buying a machine that offers more capacity than they potentially need, and then experience difficulty making payments for the machine. To avoid this scenario, be sure the revenue it generates by increasing your production capacity will offset the cost of the machine. The right tool for the right job does not mean spending money you will never recover on a machine that does more than you will ever need. Evaluate Your Workspace Some machines are too large for the confines of a woodshop. If you still use a small workspace, but your production demand is increasing steadily, you may need to search for a new workspace as you look for a CNC router for sale. Evaluate the Seller If you are looking for used woodworking equipment for sale, evaluating the seller can be important to evaluating the quality of the machinery. Sellers that lack professional experience in selling pre-owned machinery, lack strong customer references, or have a poor record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) should not receive your business. Evaluate the Machine If you buy a new machine, you can evaluate its performance and reliability based on independent reviews and in the information contained in the owner's manual. If you buy a pre-owned machine, you should evaluate its performance and reliability by: Inspecting the maintenance record Determining how it was used by the previous owner Determining whether it has been reconditioned Assessing its general state of wear by conducting a firsthand inspection Consider Your Future Needs Most woodworkers buy industrial grade CNC machinery with the intention of owning it long term, as this arrangement offers the most value. To make long term ownership feasible, you need a machine that meets your needs in future as well it meets them today. Because buying a machine that offers too much capacity can be a financial mistake, it is important to request the advice of an experienced woodworking professional (e.g. an experienced machinery seller) if you need assistance predicting your future production needs. Conclusion If you are looking for a CNC router for sale, taking the steps above will help you purchase the best machine for your needs. Industrial grade machines can require a significant investment, but buying a well maintained, pre-owned machine is a great way to save money without sacrificing reliability or performance quality. Whether you are looking for new or used woodworking equipment for sale, the steps above should inform your search.
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