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ChiKin Positive Response for Coronavirus


Coronavirus happened at Wuhan at the end of December of 2019.

As Chinese we cooperate with our central government to fight with contagion for 90 days, and we are still participating in this battle.

China central government has played a key character in fighting with infectious disease, and we play it well.

As the citizen of China that experience the process of fighting with pandemic and also as high-quality PCB CNC machine China supplier, we show our positive response to coordinate with our government in personal protective goods.

First, we have started to manufacture flat face mask production line and N 95 face mask production line to help our previous client solve the issue of lack in personal protective goods in their own country

Second, we purchase a large number of protective masks and send protective masks to our previous client as a hand to them in this extraordinarysituation

Lastly, we hope humanity can go through this difficult challenge with minimum cost.

And we hope the world reasonable order will come back soon. 

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