Buying a CNC Router: Tips for Making the Best Purchase

by:ChiKin     2020-04-14
An industrial grade CNC router is the first serious equipment purchase many woodworkers make. Unlike woodworking equipment that is designed for specific tasks, a CNC router is remarkably diverse for the types of pieces it can produce, from small, intricate pieces such as furniture accents to large, basic pieces such as stair risers. If you are looking for CNC woodworking machinery for sale, below are tips that can help you purchase the right equipment for your needs. Determine the Right Table Size The size of the pieces a router can cut is determined by its table size. Producing large pieces such as stair risers requires a wide, long table, but a large table is also useful for producing small and mid-size pieces in large quantities. Table size should be based on production rate and the size of the pieces that are produced. Determine the Right Number of Axes The types of cuts a router makes are determined by the number of axes it has. A three-axis router should be sufficient for work that requires basic cuts. For work that requires numerous, intricate cuts, equipment that has at least five axes may be needed. Determine the Ideal Production Capacity Before you buy a CNC router, it is important to determine how much production capacity you need by assessing production demand for the foreseeable future. One of the easiest ways to overspend on woodworking equipment is to pay for capacity you do not need. Because you can always buy equipment that offers more capacity when the need arises, you should target equipment that accommodates your actual production demand. Consider Buying a Pre-Owned Product If you are looking for CNC woodworking machinery for sale, a pre-owned product can offer the lowest price of all. The biggest problem with pre-owned equipment is its potential to be unreliable, but sellers that recondition equipment eliminate this problem by restoring the equipment to like new condition. It can offer the same performance and reliability as new equipment, but is typically discounted at least 25 percent off its original price. Assess a Pre-Owned Product Carefully If you choose to buy pre-owned equipment, assessing its condition should be a top priority. Most reconditioned equipment operates reliably for several years, but it should still be inspected in person to ensure it has been reconditioned. You should also request to put the equipment through a short test to ensure its parts move correctly, and that no abnormal noises are present. Lastly, you should inspect the equipment's maintenance record to ensure that it has never missed a scheduled maintenance appointment. Conclusion Capable of producing small, intricate pieces and large, basic pieces, a CNC router is one of the most diverse types of woodworking equipment. It can also be one of the most expensive types of equipment. If you are looking for CNC woodworking machinery for sale, shopping online with a professional seller of new and used equipment presents a variety of options. In many cases, buying a reconditioned, industrial grade router is the best choice in terms of performance, reliability, and cost.
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