Brand Founder

In July 1997, Mike Wu worked in Hong Kong Tianma Equipment Co., Ltd., as a technician and engineer. He had contributed a lot to this company. During this period, he and the team designed and developed granite as the material for the machine body, designed a variety of granite precision measurement tools to improve assembly accuracy, and developed a variety of technical solutions such as fixtures to improve production efficiency.

In July 2003, Mike Wu left Tianma Company. In the same year, he was invited by the owner of a foreign-funded enterprise to work in Shenzhen and served as the director of the factory. He was deeply loved by colleagues, bosses and appreciated by customers. In three years, the company's management, product technology, quality and output have doubled year-on-year.

From September 2006, he devoted himself to the upgrading and transformation of self-employed targeted services of numerical control equipment.

In 2012, Mike Wu established Shenzhen ChiKin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., which mainly specializing in developing and producing one-stop solutions for advanced automation equipment such as PCB CNC machine, laser machine, new energy equipment, testing equipment, tool accessories and so on.