Are Used CNC Woodworking Machines Better Than New Ones?

by:ChiKin     2020-04-12
Woodworking professionals consider routers to be one of the most important tools at their disposal. These machines cut through wood and other hard materials and help small shops and large boat making factories alike shape materials. A skilled woodworker can also use a router to cut complex shapes and designs into the wood. While the very best woodworkers usually only perform this level of craftsmanship, recent technological improvements have made it easier for shops to cut wood. A computer numerically controlled (CNC) router eliminates the time commitment and risk of human error that is associated with manual routers. Customers use a CAD/CAS program to design the wood piece, and then the CNC router uses this template to cut a piece to those specifications. The cutting process is completed on the Cartesian coordinate system using a router and other cutters. While a CNC router simplifies the woodworking process, many shops cannot afford to invest in a new machine. These shops instead turn to used CNC woodworking machines to acquire this necessary technology at an affordable price. There are a number of benefits to purchasing these machines pre-owned instead of in new condition. This article will take a look at some of those benefits. Low Purchase Price This is the first benefit that woodworkers think about when they are evaluating used CNC woodworking machines. Typically business owners expect to pay less than half the cost of a new machine. A low purchase price will benefit the company's bottom line, but business owners could even decide to invest the cost savings back into newly purchased pre-owned machines. Premium cutters could be added to replace the current cutters or a warrantee could be purchased to eliminate future maintenance costs. By investing the cost savings back into the machine, companies end up acquiring a machine that is every bit as good as a new one. Good Reliability Many buyers are still skeptical about purchasing used CNC woodworking machines because they fear that these devices will not be as reliable. Usually this is not the case. Whereas a new machine contains a number of uncertainties, a used machine has already been vetted by the previous owner. Poorly functioning parts have already been identified and repaired or replaced. If the buyer decided to unload a CNC router instead of going through the trouble of having it repaired, then problems will instead be identified by the vendor. Many vendors of used CNC woodworking machines refurbish all machines before they are resold, so all components are tested and replaced if necessary. The vendor will also be able to provide buyers with a list of all completed repairs so that future repairs are easy to plan. Buyers who are still concerned about the reliability of a purchased CNC router can invest in a warrantee. These agreements are usually offered by trusted vendors and are most beneficial when they are acquired from a company that refurbishes its own merchandise. This is because the buyer knows that the vendor has staff members who have worked with this type of machine before.
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