Any manufacturers to customize IC programmer?
This is determined by the needs. Nowadays many Chinese IC programmer makers provide custom services. Please make certain that the type of custom services you'll need. In general, the printing and packaging customization can be obtained. When additional custom services are needed, the immediate contact with manufacturers is a must. Shenzhen ChiKin Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd is prepared to provide custom services. The lead time may be different based on the demands.
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ChiKin is an outstanding mini drill chuck producer in both China and foreign countries. The computer numeric control series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The design of ChiKin grease gun is carried out adopting the principle of heat dissipation. This design enables it to work for a long time without affecting the light extraction rate. The product allows PCB fabrication to be done in a lab environment. The product is easy to maintain. It is designed with an independent unit control system which enables the functions not affecting each other. With its compact design, it can be used in any laboratory for processing PCBs.

Our company is striving for green manufacturing. Our manufacturing systems maximize the use of raw materials and ensure the efficient use of natural resources to reduce our environmental footprint and customers'.

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