An Overview of Computer Numerical Control Routing

by:ChiKin     2020-04-05
CNC Routing (Computer Numerical Control) is where a computer-controlled, routing mill is used for intricate or large volume production runs where a high standard of replicated product is required. CNC routing may be used for metal milling but it is more commonly used for woodworking and cabinetry manufacture though other materials such as plastics and nonferrous metals can be worked on also. A CNC router is able to deliver an extremely standard of accuracy and provide excellent detail. As it is largely a computer-controlled process, the milling is carried out at high speed and the whole production line is capable of producing repetitive cuts providing a very high standard of product finish. CNC routing is recommended for customers who are looking for high-volume production jobs where there is a lot of repetition and identical unit production, or single-unit customers who need a very high degree of detail which may not be available cost-effectively where a human operator is required to make the cuts. As the CNC router is programmed with the cuts and milling scheme, customers are also able to use the program for a production run, quickly change the program to perform a different production run and then use the previous program again and again for future production runs. This helps to keep the different production runs extremely similar in terms of reproduced design (practically identical if near-matches to the raw material being milled is adhered to) and this also helps keep production costs down even further. Typical CNC routing jobs include engraving, customized cabinetry cuts, large production jobs with repetitive cuts, creating through holes and blind drilling and of course, routing. CNC routing produces signs which are a much better alternative to sand-blasted signage and especially if you do not want any textured surface exposed to the elements and which will attract dirt and grime. CNC routed signage is widely used for historical markers, golf courses, building names, internal room and area signage, markers for residential and commercial development and typically employs channel cuts (known as 'hog-out' in the trade) to produce one-piece, high quality product. Less well-known uses include making military shields and emblems; monuments and historical markers; boat and marine environment signage as well as dedication signage. While the materials used in the construction of these more esoteric products may not be wood, they do provide a good mental view of how CNC routing can help a client to use non-wood materials where either use or environment precludes wood from being used. Ordering a CNC routed product is simple and easy - the design files are created either by you or your designer and provided to the milling partner who will conduct the work. They take the design as a computer file which is known as a 'vector file' - this saves information in a format which the machine understands and can interpret to reproduce the design using the raw materials. The CNC router then cuts the 'blank' which is the exact shape of the finished product and it is passed through a priming and sanding process and will have the backing material which will be the color of the finished product detail. An adhesive coating is applied which coats the entire blank and needs to be left to 'cure' or set. Finally, the CNC router makes the cuts and milling procedures to remove the coated material to expose the underlying material which will form the finished design once the protective film is removed.
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